Periodontal Cleanings at Dexter Family Dentistry

young woman at the dentist in chair having teeth checkedPeriodontitis occurs when your gums become inflamed or infected. As this gum disease progresses, the gum tissues and bones that support your teeth become damaged. Your gums and the supporting bone will recede over time and eventually your teeth may fall out or shift into new positions. As the bacteria spread through your bloodstream, the risk of experiencing a stroke or heart attack increases. A periodontal cleaning helps reduce these risks by keeping your teeth and gums healthy and stable.

Periodontal Cleanings: The Basics

Many healthy patients visit our office for routine maintenance cleanings, but some adults require deep cleaning treatments known as scaling and root planing. These periodontal cleanings remove tartar and plaque from above and below your gums, and typically require more time and more frequent re-care visits, known as periodontal maintenance.

In addition, our experienced team irrigates your mouth with antimicrobial rinses to help treat or prevent infection. You may also receive a prescription rinse for home use after your cleaning.

Periodontal Cleanings Versus Regular Cleanings

Periodontal maintenance cleanings and regular maintenance cleanings both promote oral health by removing plaque above the gum line, but a periodontal maintenance cleaning also removes bacteria below it. Traditional cleanings primarily focus on visible concerns, including stains and tartar, but periodontal cleanings tackle hidden issues that could affect your gums and bone. You may only need to visit us twice a year for a regular dental cleaning, but periodontal maintenance typically requires three or four visits per year. We establish a treatment schedule based on your needs and availability, so you know exactly when to return.

Some patients report feeling more discomfort with periodontal treatments than traditional cleanings. We make the experience more pleasant by offering anesthetic options for patients who need a deep cleaning. Our compassionate team also offers suggestions on how to minimize discomfort after the procedure ends.

People Who May Benefit from Periodontal Cleanings

Patients require periodontal treatments for a variety of reasons. Some patients develop bad breath when gum disease spreads, which causes embarrassment in social or professional settings. Other patients fear their wiggly teeth may fall out, leaving them with a toothless grin. You may also need periodontal cleanings if your teeth are yellowed, coated with plaque, or difficult to clean at home. Some patients tell us that they struggle to brush their teeth because periodontitis has made their gums so inflamed that they bleed or ache.

Periodontal Cleanings from Our Skilled Staff

If you suspect you have gum disease that may benefit from periodontal maintenance, we can perform an X-ray to check for damaged roots, swollen pockets of bacteria, or signs of bone loss. After your X-ray and thorough examination, we may recommend periodontal scaling and root planing, which is when we gently smooth the roots of your teeth to remove infection-causing bacteria.

After your periodontal cleaning, our skilled dental professionals offer recommendations for improving your home care regimen, ensuring a healthy mouth and body for years to come!

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Untreated gum disease can distribute bacteria throughout your body, increasing your chances of developing osteoporosis, kidney disease, or heart problems. Contact Dexter Family Dentistry today at 734-426-9000 to learn more about how a periodontal cleaning can improve your smile and benefit your health.