Dental Bridges

Doctor Kolb with face mask performing dental workA permanent dental bridge to replace a missing tooth or teeth can restore your smile, make it easier to chew the foods you love and benefit your oral health. If you’re looking for a solution for a missing tooth or teeth, Dexter Family Dentistry offers several treatment options and can help you understand which type best fits your needs. Our team is dedicated to providing comfortable, exceptional dental treatment, and is proud to provide patients with quality dental restorative options such as crowns, implants, and bridges in Dexter, Michigan.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge consists of one or more artificial teeth that replace a missing tooth or teeth. Crowns on either side of the bridge connect it to adjacent teeth, thus “bridging” the gap where teeth are missing. Traditional, tooth supported bridges involve taking away tooth structure to permanently attach crowns to adjacent teeth, while an implant supported bridge is attached to dental implants that are anchored to the jawbone.

Why Should I Get A Dental Bridge?

Missing teeth can lead to problems such as gum recession and bone loss in the jaw bone, teeth shifting and drifting, chewing problems, occlusal discrepancies, and a lack of cheek and lip support, which can also affect function and make you look older. Your teeth are designed to work together.  When one or more teeth are missing, more biting stress may be put on other teeth and affect your bite. It can also cause gum tissue and bone in the area to break down, which increases the risk of gum disease and ultimately the loss of other teeth. A dental bridge can help you avoid these issues, enhance your smile, and help you improve and maintain your oral and overall health.

Types Of Dental Bridges

Traditional dental bridges are typically made of ceramic or a biocompatible metal such as zircomium. The bridge fills the gap where a tooth or teeth are missing, and it is permanently attached to the teeth on either side of the space.

A cantilever dental bridge is sometimes used when there is a natural tooth on only one side of a gap, but most dentists now recommend dental implants, as they are a stronger, long-lasting tooth replacement option.

Maryland dental bridges are often used to replace a missing front tooth. A Maryland bridge is usually made of resin and is bonded to the back of the teeth on each side of the gap. It doesn’t require any crowns and is more conservative and less durable than a traditional dental bridge.

Implant-supported dental bridges are also used to replace missing teeth, but they are attached to dental implants instead of natural teeth.

Each patient’s needs are different. Our dentists and highly trained dental team members do a thorough examination and evaluation and create a comprehensive treatment plan designed to help you attain optimal oral health.

Process For Getting A Dental Bridge

For a traditional dental bridge, your dentist will prepare and inspect the adjacent teeth, take impressions, and place a temporary bridge. Your permanent bridge is custom-made in a dental laboratory.  During a second visit, your dentist tries on the bridge to check the fit. If it looks and feels good, it is permanently cemented in place.

Prior to an implant-supported bridge, titanium implants are placed in the jawbone and must heal and integrate into the bone. This can take a few months. Some patients need to have bone added before the implants are placed, which requires additional healing time. Once your implants are healed, your dentist will place a custom-made implant bridge on top of the implants. This bridge will look, feel, and function like your natural teeth.

Taking Care Of Your Bridge

With proper care, a traditional dental bridge or implant supported dental bridge can provide many years of chewing enjoyment. Of course, a good oral hygiene routine and frequent dental check ups are essential, and it’s important to learn how to properly clean under and around your bridge. Our dentists and dental hygienists can demonstrate this for you and answer any questions you may have about caring for your new bridge.

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